Rationally spoken, children are expensiv, noisy and never tired. But emotionally spoken, kids thrill our hearts and we have thousands of reasons why children are the best thing of the world! These reasons cannot be explained, they grow with the first contact of the new born and the first little smile.

1. children pep up the party
2. children are honest
3. Kinder are funny
4. children force us to think about unkown things
5. children are necessary for the society
6.. With children the live goes on
7. children like to snuggle up
8. A smile of a child is the best thing of the world
9. children set limits to our own possibilities
10. children take care of us when we are old
11. with children you have lots of colours in your house 
12. children can talk the whole day
13. With children you will ever have topics of conversation 
14. children think always positive
15. children ask questions that we have never thought about
16. children open the horizont
17. With children you will discover unkwon places
18. Singing children are going directly to your heart
19. Sleeping children are lovely
20. children are like a hot-water-bottle
21. children are always trendy
22. children teach you laughing
23. children want to have their boundaries
24. children are the best thing in the world

Please add more reasons for having children in what language you like to do…!