Warum sevenjobs?

6 Mai 2008 In: Psycho-Therapeutin

In letzter Zeit häufte sich das Interesse von Kunden an meiner ‚Familienlogistik‘. Immer wieder die Frage: ‚Wie vereinbaren Sie nur Familie und Beruf?‘. Immer wieder gab es nur diesen Zweiklang: Familie kontra Beruf. Oder der Kommentar zu meinen Bürotagen am Freitag: ‚Ach wie schön, freitags arbeiten Sie ja nicht, da haben Sie ja immer ein schönes langes Wochenende!‘. Und die drei Waschmaschinen, das Saubermachen, die Gartenarbeit, das Bügeln, das Basteln, das Spülen, die Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung : alles keine Arbeit?

Queso Mess

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Aaron Jacobs

Nein, Arbeit ist in Deutschland einzig und allein die bezahlte Arbeit, am besten im Angestelltenverhältnis, die Selbständigkeit ist immer noch ein bißchen suspekt und mit verträumten Ansichten verbunden.

Daher hier der Beginn eines Kampfes, der auf viele Mitstreiter hofft!!!

Wir machen im Minimum sieben Jobs jeden Tag inklusive der dahinterstehenden Logistik. Das alleine reicht schon, um auf sich und die Familie stolz zu sein. es gibt keine Trennung zwischen Arbeit und Familie, alles ist 1 und muss gemeinsam bewältigt werden und befruchtet sich gegenseitig. Die künstliche Trennung schaft Unzufriedenheiten, emotionalen Stress, Selbstvorwürfe.

Nein: die Erfahrungen aus diesen sieben Jobs müssen in jeden einzelnen Job einfliessen, nur so nutzen wir sie effizient.

Deshalb lasse ich auch meine Familienerfahrungen nicht aus der Arbeit heraus und ziehe die Erfahrungen aus der Arbeit mit nach Hause. Die Erfolge und Mißerfolge möchte ich hier berichten, damit viele Mut zu ihrer eigenen Stärke bekommen und im Erfahrungsaustausch untereinander neue Erfolge und Erkenntnisse erzielen.

Please feel free to comment whatever and whenever you feel it necessary!!





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Todays‘ news reported the invasion of spiders in Germany. Even after a training against my arachnophobia, I feel this slight anguish. My training is about: accept the spider, have a close look to the spider, try to come nearer and nearer and set the spider free.

My training is:

1. look at the spider from 1 meter away

2. observe the spider from 10 cm away

3. blow against the spider´s web and try to watch the running spider

Make a break. With the next spider in your house please repeat the steps 1 to 3, but now go on with 4.

4. try to catch the spider: imagine the positive aspects of spider and take a glass and a paper.

5. put the glass over the spider and press the glass against the wall.

6. observe the spider in the glass

7. push the paper under the glass and press the paper against the glass

8. Go out and shake the glass so that the spider falls down.

Now you should be strong enough to fight against your fear.

What should we do against the arachnophobia? Please give us your experience!

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Rationally spoken, children are expensiv, noisy and never tired. But emotionally spoken, kids thrill our hearts and we have thousands of reasons why children are the best thing of the world! These reasons cannot be explained, they grow with the first contact of the new born and the first little smile.

1. children pep up the party
2. children are honest
3. Kinder are funny
4. children force us to think about unkown things
5. children are necessary for the society
6.. With children the live goes on
7. children like to snuggle up
8. A smile of a child is the best thing of the world
9. children set limits to our own possibilities
10. children take care of us when we are old
11. with children you have lots of colours in your house 
12. children can talk the whole day
13. With children you will ever have topics of conversation 
14. children think always positive
15. children ask questions that we have never thought about
16. children open the horizont
17. With children you will discover unkwon places
18. Singing children are going directly to your heart
19. Sleeping children are lovely
20. children are like a hot-water-bottle
21. children are always trendy
22. children teach you laughing
23. children want to have their boundaries
24. children are the best thing in the world

Please add more reasons for having children in what language you like to do…!

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Already again Monday…. The whole casualness of the weekend passed at one blow, the morning stress join us again. 
What is important in the morning?
family of type 1 may let it gladly calm concern, has breakfast also gladly still together, leaves a cleared up house.
family of type 2 may sleep gladly as for a long time as possible, has breakfast only briefly and vacates only the most necessary into the kitchen.
family of type 3 is a type of mixture, with which the family members may rise depending upon type.
My family belongs clearly to type 2.
Therefore we are in such a way organized that we ry to sleep as long as possible in the morning: each minute sleep is a good minute.
Therefore we had to make three important decisions: 1. what to prepare the previous evening already? Table prepare, everything cover, which does not have to stay overnight in the refrigerator, satchels pack, shoes look for, shoes deseam, decision on clothes for the next day , bicycle keys look for, notebook pack up, mobile phone load
2. what has to be compellingly settled? Tighten, if hair comb, teeth deseam, have breakfast, tea drink, bread box fill, bread box pack up
3. What is absolutely not necessary to do? renewed sweeping; Rinses; fold up still fast laundry; Mails look; ringing telephones take off; Move, because T-shirt does not fit the jacket In the morning.
In the morning we have to hurry up. Unimportant things are faded out.
In the morning I am the first to wake up at around 07:20, wake child 3 and 4 around 07:30, wake child 2 around 07:40, wake child 1 around 07:45. All children dress alone and uncover their beds. While I prepare the breakfast, child 3 makes the tea and child 1 the white coffee. Child 4 gets the sausage, child 2 the jam. Around 08:00 there is the first call: ‚ Shoes tighten and bread boxes pack up‘ , which goes down usually regarding breakfast murmurings. Around 08:05 there is the second call, all important things are vacated into the refrigerator and shoes and satchels tightened. Parting kisses around 08:10, child 1 drive off with the bicycle, child 2 go by foot and child 3 and 4 are distributed rising to me in the car. Approx. 08,30 I can drive off then from the kindergarten to the customer.
Most of the time that folds very well, but already an upset tea glass, a forgotten important signature or untraceable Sandalen pigs our beautiful concept….
How do you organize the morning? Do you also breathe deeply if the last child has left your house?
To this question everyone will answer: “ of course: Children“. I naturally also. But although this is my basic adjustment, I always push my borders, if days with double dates are occupied.
That is the case whenever school and kindergarten announce its dates so short that working parents have not at all the chance to make new arrangements.
Last Thursday for example: On Thursday child No.3 had a performance in her kindergarden and it was completely proud that it was allowed to play the moon. The invitation to this performance was distributed by the kindergarten one week before. ONE WEEK BEFORE! How should this new appointment be planned in such a short time?
I had a customer date, a flight and a rented car was booked and I could not shift the date. Thus child No.3 played the moon without mummy in the audience.
For outstanding ones the situation is now completely clear: the work was more important in this moment than the child. But everyone, which tries to synchronize work and family , knows these situations.
How to behave now?
On the one side: The customer date is booked for months and who first booked, gets the date. A firm project closing date was assured to the customer, which is to be kept. If it comes to delays, which I have to answer for, I pay the agreed upon payment of damages.
On the other side: The child is proud over his role and would like to be admired gladly. Me as a mother I promote and support my child and show mean pride over its achievement. If I do not come as a spectator to the performance, the child is disappointed and feels neglected.
Why do school and kindergarden bring me again and again into this dilemma?????
Can’t Kindergärtnerinnen and teachers introduce themselves that we do still different things, than to wait as on short term dates from school and kindergarten? Can educators not plan their dates also on a long-term basis?
In order to keep the eternal disappointments small, we introduce the rule: who first booked gets the date. That is valid both for the invitations to child birthdays or family celebrations, for guests or kindergarten dates. No more debates over ‚ I would prefer to go ….‘ and also no attempts to shift dates.  
How do you go forwards with overlappind dates? How do you explain to your children, why which date proceeds now?
The question is: Do you really want to earn money with your blog or for what reason you lead your blog? The opinions over chain breaks in Hausfrauenblogs (mom blogs) go apart. In the USA and France it is natural that blogs are equipped with advertising units in order to produce incomes. In Germany advertising surfaces in Hausfrauenblogs are uncommon, perhaps because most blogs as diaries and these blogs should not achieve income.
The following questions (more exact: the answers in addition) can supply a notion whether an advertising surface makes sense and or if it fits into the concept of the blog or whether the blog must be transformed, because money should become more important.
1. Is it a pure diary, by collecting your thoughts, your favourite photos and addresses of friends? Money making is located in the background, because that blog is to make your personally fun and thereby your life regenerates a little?
2. Is it a pure councellor, in whom you write down experiencesas as in a cook book? Money making would be beautiful, because the pieces of advice is an increase in value for the readers and could be calmly a little honored? Money is made by advertising, which are faded in suitably to the article?
3. Is it a specialized councellor, with whom you want to represent your profile, so that the reader booked then your service? (e.g. financial adviser, EDP advisor) Money making stands only indirectly in the foreground, because it is an advertising portal, in which you try -by specialized knowledge- to convince  and to increase your degree of fame? Only by new orders money is made, but not by incomes from advertising in the blog?
4. Is it the attempt to make your new book published more well-known or sell your products? Money making stands only indirectly in the foreground, because the blog is created in order to increase the sale of your product or to create a platform for the sale itself? Only by the increase in turnover of sold products money is made, but not by incomes from advertising in the blog?
5. Want you the different aspects to mix? How should the different categories be defined? How much would I like to surrender from my private informations on my firm side?
If you have answered the questions, and you decided to revise your blog, the 21-days-training of Barbara offers a great support.
problogger answers: „Yes“, but only with much expenditure of time and effort. There are bloggers, that earn one monthly salary (how much Dollar a ‚ monthly salary‘ is, unfortunately this is not mentioned in the article) with their blog and also still more. Most bloggers do not achieve this goal in Germany however. Average earnings/services are as per an inquiry of basicthinking about 424 EUR.
Also could we reach earnings with a momblog (Hausfrauenblog)?
problogger counts the success factors on for bloggers, which want to be successful:
They should
 A) work much and steadily on their blog: I work so much on as it permits my time. For the moment that  blog is my 8th job, apart from the seven other jobs, which want to be settled. As most momblogs (Hausfrauenblogs) I publish also daily steadily new articles. From my point of view,  Point A is fulfilled.
B) have a specialized knowledge, can dragging along write and create to form a community into and around their blog: The momblogs have specialized knowledge in any case, specialized knowledge paired with an extensive wealth of experience. If you look at the Blogrolls of the individual blogs, this refers to a close community. I doubt, whether the community is large enough, in order to obtain a monthly income by advertisement. At English-language blogs it looks differently. First of all the target group is more largely, because there are more English-speaking women than German-speaking women and secondly english speaking women wear their hearts more on their sleeves (better: on the keyboard) than German women. The comment ratio is high, so that a high interaction is present in the blog. That forms and receives community feeling. Here with us in Germany one is rather locked, would not like to talk about itself, reads rather like a voyeur. The community should be lived more actively and would be also more dragging along, then would also grow and would be more successful. Nevertheless I feel Point B is fulfilled.
C) have the luck to be in due time at the right place
That I cannot judge. Momblogs boom in the USA, but this blogmarket is still not visible in Germany. I think, the time am ripely for Hausfrauenblogs, the time am ripe to make experiences transparency and to play market power, but whether the readers are already ready, I do not know. Point C is to be discussed.
D) have partners, which support you 
This I do not have. You? Point D is not fulfilled.
E) make not only by direct advertisement, but earn money by selling your specialized knowledge
That would be beautiful, but this do not happen. Only the SuperNanny successfully sells her knowlegdein television, but I cannot imagine that a family assigns a momblogger to regulate their education problems. Experiences alone do not hand, in these questions a proof is always required, the stamp ‚ to that; by the state autorisiert‘. Point E is not fulfilled.
F) makes that blog the income center
That is not the case and I think, this is the same with the most Hausfrauenblogs. Since the specialized knowledge is not bought from extern, the momblog is purely limited to the incomes from chain breaks. Thus the reading community must be very large, so that the probability of the advertising clicks rises. Whether it is already large enough, I cannot judge. Point F remains being waited for.
If problogger is right, you cannot make money with momblogs in Germany. Whereby we start again with the question from ‚Do you want to earn money with your blog: Part 1‘ : Do momblogs (Hausfrauenblogs) really want to achieve income with their blogs? What is your opinion?

Instead of conflicts with our kids about the amount of allowed sweets per day, we do not buy sweets anymore. But this is impossible to keep up. So the best is to allow some sweets, to avoid sticky sugars and to forbid permant eating.

Our tip: do not buy sweets anymore. The children will love to eat apples, fruits, sandwich and so on.

Nobody is asking for sweets. But today we are again in a supermarket and I do not know if I will be consequent enough not to buy sweets.

What do you think is the best way to deal with sweets?

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