problogger answers: „Yes“, but only with much expenditure of time and effort. There are bloggers, that earn one monthly salary (how much Dollar a ‚ monthly salary‘ is, unfortunately this is not mentioned in the article) with their blog and also still more. Most bloggers do not achieve this goal in Germany however. Average earnings/services are as per an inquiry of basicthinking about 424 EUR.
Also could we reach earnings with a momblog (Hausfrauenblog)?
problogger counts the success factors on for bloggers, which want to be successful:
They should
 A) work much and steadily on their blog: I work so much on as it permits my time. For the moment that  blog is my 8th job, apart from the seven other jobs, which want to be settled. As most momblogs (Hausfrauenblogs) I publish also daily steadily new articles. From my point of view,  Point A is fulfilled.
B) have a specialized knowledge, can dragging along write and create to form a community into and around their blog: The momblogs have specialized knowledge in any case, specialized knowledge paired with an extensive wealth of experience. If you look at the Blogrolls of the individual blogs, this refers to a close community. I doubt, whether the community is large enough, in order to obtain a monthly income by advertisement. At English-language blogs it looks differently. First of all the target group is more largely, because there are more English-speaking women than German-speaking women and secondly english speaking women wear their hearts more on their sleeves (better: on the keyboard) than German women. The comment ratio is high, so that a high interaction is present in the blog. That forms and receives community feeling. Here with us in Germany one is rather locked, would not like to talk about itself, reads rather like a voyeur. The community should be lived more actively and would be also more dragging along, then would also grow and would be more successful. Nevertheless I feel Point B is fulfilled.
C) have the luck to be in due time at the right place
That I cannot judge. Momblogs boom in the USA, but this blogmarket is still not visible in Germany. I think, the time am ripely for Hausfrauenblogs, the time am ripe to make experiences transparency and to play market power, but whether the readers are already ready, I do not know. Point C is to be discussed.
D) have partners, which support you 
This I do not have. You? Point D is not fulfilled.
E) make not only by direct advertisement, but earn money by selling your specialized knowledge
That would be beautiful, but this do not happen. Only the SuperNanny successfully sells her knowlegdein television, but I cannot imagine that a family assigns a momblogger to regulate their education problems. Experiences alone do not hand, in these questions a proof is always required, the stamp ‚ to that; by the state autorisiert‘. Point E is not fulfilled.
F) makes that blog the income center
That is not the case and I think, this is the same with the most Hausfrauenblogs. Since the specialized knowledge is not bought from extern, the momblog is purely limited to the incomes from chain breaks. Thus the reading community must be very large, so that the probability of the advertising clicks rises. Whether it is already large enough, I cannot judge. Point F remains being waited for.
If problogger is right, you cannot make money with momblogs in Germany. Whereby we start again with the question from ‚Do you want to earn money with your blog: Part 1‘ : Do momblogs (Hausfrauenblogs) really want to achieve income with their blogs? What is your opinion?