Todays‘ news reported the invasion of spiders in Germany. Even after a training against my arachnophobia, I feel this slight anguish. My training is about: accept the spider, have a close look to the spider, try to come nearer and nearer and set the spider free.

My training is:

1. look at the spider from 1 meter away

2. observe the spider from 10 cm away

3. blow against the spider´s web and try to watch the running spider

Make a break. With the next spider in your house please repeat the steps 1 to 3, but now go on with 4.

4. try to catch the spider: imagine the positive aspects of spider and take a glass and a paper.

5. put the glass over the spider and press the glass against the wall.

6. observe the spider in the glass

7. push the paper under the glass and press the paper against the glass

8. Go out and shake the glass so that the spider falls down.

Now you should be strong enough to fight against your fear.

What should we do against the arachnophobia? Please give us your experience!