Already again Monday…. The whole casualness of the weekend passed at one blow, the morning stress join us again. 
What is important in the morning?
family of type 1 may let it gladly calm concern, has breakfast also gladly still together, leaves a cleared up house.
family of type 2 may sleep gladly as for a long time as possible, has breakfast only briefly and vacates only the most necessary into the kitchen.
family of type 3 is a type of mixture, with which the family members may rise depending upon type.
My family belongs clearly to type 2.
Therefore we are in such a way organized that we ry to sleep as long as possible in the morning: each minute sleep is a good minute.
Therefore we had to make three important decisions: 1. what to prepare the previous evening already? Table prepare, everything cover, which does not have to stay overnight in the refrigerator, satchels pack, shoes look for, shoes deseam, decision on clothes for the next day , bicycle keys look for, notebook pack up, mobile phone load
2. what has to be compellingly settled? Tighten, if hair comb, teeth deseam, have breakfast, tea drink, bread box fill, bread box pack up
3. What is absolutely not necessary to do? renewed sweeping; Rinses; fold up still fast laundry; Mails look; ringing telephones take off; Move, because T-shirt does not fit the jacket In the morning.
In the morning we have to hurry up. Unimportant things are faded out.
In the morning I am the first to wake up at around 07:20, wake child 3 and 4 around 07:30, wake child 2 around 07:40, wake child 1 around 07:45. All children dress alone and uncover their beds. While I prepare the breakfast, child 3 makes the tea and child 1 the white coffee. Child 4 gets the sausage, child 2 the jam. Around 08:00 there is the first call: ‚ Shoes tighten and bread boxes pack up‘ , which goes down usually regarding breakfast murmurings. Around 08:05 there is the second call, all important things are vacated into the refrigerator and shoes and satchels tightened. Parting kisses around 08:10, child 1 drive off with the bicycle, child 2 go by foot and child 3 and 4 are distributed rising to me in the car. Approx. 08,30 I can drive off then from the kindergarten to the customer.
Most of the time that folds very well, but already an upset tea glass, a forgotten important signature or untraceable Sandalen pigs our beautiful concept….
How do you organize the morning? Do you also breathe deeply if the last child has left your house?